Last tick of the sports clock…next tick, the rest of your life.

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This is something all athletes face at some time or another. Some experience the last tick of the clock when they finish the last tennis match or football game in high school while others will feel the time tick away at the end of their college sports careers. Even fewer still experience this when their professional playing career is complete.  

The old saying “time waits for no one” rings true. The crowds will dissipate, the smell of the concession stand will waft away in the wind, and time marches on. Each ending is really a new beginning. The question is, what do you do with your new beginning?

Leaving a sports-oriented career will require a bit of personal reflection to sort out where and what your new beginning will be. It is important to identify and assess your transferable skills. It is vital to take the necessary time to really consider what you would like to do now that you are no longer involved in a sports-related job.

As a former professional player or college athlete, your job has been working and refining your skills at your chosen sport. You may not have had many “non sports” jobs in your life so the real key is to talk through your experiences, talents, and abilities with a trusted coach, mentor, or friend who will give you authentic, honest feedback as to what your transferable skills are.

Transferable skills are key skills or talents that you possess which will apply to the next chapter(s) of your life. These are the skills and abilities that will convert into a corporate structure making you a valuable asset to any organization. An expert job interview coach can work with you to identify these specific skills.

First, make an inventory of what YOU think your skills are. Most athletes have a strong work ethic. Your sports career would not have progressed if this weren’t true! Athletes are also usually very good leaders and have the ability to learn large amounts of information – like a playbook. The analytical abilities required to think on the spot and remain flexible are indeed a transferable skill. You have demonstrated the ability to prioritize what is really important then applied the time, energy, and maximum effort into achieving specific goals. These are all desirable attributes to a corporate hiring manager.

When your sports-related job is at its end, take the necessary time you need to reflect on what your next professional goals will be. Assess and identify your transferable skills and review these with an expert job interview coach or honest mentor. The game clock may have ticked to 00:00, but your professional life clock keeps on ticking. What will be your new beginning?

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Thomas brown