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We are a customized, holistic 1:1 job interview coaching service.  Our Head Coach has over 33 years experience interviewing candidates for a variety of organizations, many of which include Fortune 500 companies.  Our platform is designed to assist clients through a unique, individualized process providing them knowledge and confidence in their job interview skills.  Our coaching enhances our client’s abilities to persuasively sell themselves, competing at the highest level in the job interview process.   We strongly believe that every interview is a positive experience resulting in a job or a valuable lesson that can then be applied to the next job interview.   At Interview Coaching Solutions we assure our clients they will receive the absolute best job interview coaching possible. 

The ICS Difference!


Everyone is different and has their own unique experiences, talents and life-stories. We take the time to fully understand your specific needs so that we can better serve you.  Our customized, holistic 1:1 job interview coaching begins with getting to know you through an individualized needs assessment.  Our coaching is based on the Principles of Adult Learning providing our clients objective coaching feedback.   

Our expert personal coaching is the key. We utilize The Interview Coaching Solutions 4 Pillars of Interviewing Success addressing any core competencies you will face while interviewing.   We provide immediate written and verbal coaching feedback and we debrief the client after each practice interview to assess client progress and reinforce learning sustainability. 

It is rare for companies to provide actionable, post-interview feedback.  We help clients create their own feedback mechanism, debriefing after each job interview, analyzing what was said and what may not have been said.  This results in our clients being better prepared for their next interview.   

We assign our clients “homework” be it video, audio or written to review and reinforce what has been learned. This helps prepare them for the next coaching session.  During simulated job interviews, our clients learn and understand how their answers are being heard and perceived by the interviewer.  

Our clients tell us the coaching sessions are FUN!   They state the sessions reveal personal insights they can effectively use in their future job interviews. They appreciate the value of repeated practice.  These realizations strengthen persuasive articulation of their individual professional stories and experiences making them stand out among the other candidates. 

Our Methodology


Our process is based on the principles of adult learning.  We create a customized, holistic 1:1 approach allowing the client to recognize their unique strengths and talents through a journey of self-discovery.  This results in an understanding of the complexities each client will face in the job interview process. This results in our clients being fully prepared to set themselves apart in the job interview process.

We help clients create their own personal branding statement which assists in self-marketing during the interview process.

Clients will create their own unique “story board” elevating both their interview answers and professional work examples, delivering more persuasive and memorable arguments.

Clients will identify their transferable skills and talents clearly differentiating themselves while positively articulating why they should be considered over other candidates.

We simulate the entire interview process through repeated interview practice and Mock Interviews.  

Clients receive expert coaching feedback during each session, after interview question practice,  and Mock Interviews. Written feedback is provided after each coaching session, reinforcing the coaching observations and client learning. 


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